The journey to the Earl Scruggs Center – Series Pts 1 and 2

Who Is Destination Cleveland County And What Are Their Plans?

Destination Cleveland County even continued to use the name Southern Music Heritage Museum. An August 27, 2006 article in The Star called ‘Big Dreams’ refers to DCC’s proposed destinations, stating that “work at the Cleveland County Historical Museum is the first leg. The Earl Scruggs Southern Music Heritage Museum- On the court square in the former Cleveland County Courthouse.”

The article tells that the Don Gibson Performing Arts Center will be at the Rogers Theatre. Other projects on DCC’s drawing board include a multi-purpose uptown arena within walking distance of the courtsquare to be used for horse shows, concerts, art exhibits, and a place for Alive after Five when it rains, and a new interactive Cleveland County Museum to house the artifacts.

The next two days, August 28 and August 29, 2006, The Star had more front page coveage about Destination Cleveland County’s dreams in action. The August 29 article even included photos of the eight executive board members.


Chairman Brownie Plaster, community and civic leader who spearheaded creation of the Broad River Greenway
Executive Director Marta Holden founder of CommUnity, a group that works with at-risk Middle school students
Adelaide Craver, President of First National Bank and Chairman Cleveland 20/20 Economic Development Partnership
Shannon Kennedy, associate dean, Community Relations & Development, Cleveland Community College
Leon Leonhardt, retired tax attorney/CPA and cattle farmer
David Dear, County Manager
Rick Howell, Shelby City Manager
Jackie Sibley, Cleveland County Chamber Travel and Tourism Director

It is worth noting here that David Dear is the County Manager, Rick Howell is the City Manager, Marta Holden is employed by the City of Shelby, and the other five executive board members of Destination Cleveland County are Board Members of the Chamber of Commerce.

Two days later, The Star published another article announcing the committee chairmen of DCC’s proposed projects.
Robin Hendrick, chair of the Don Gibson Theatre
Millie Area Wood and Sherry Grenier, co-chairs of the Historical Museum of Cleveland County
Michael Poage and Dino Nicopoulos,co-chairs of the Uptown indoor Arena
Brenda Lowery, chair of DCC events
J.T. Scruggs, Earl Scruggs’ nephew, chair of the Earl Scruggs Museum of Southern Music Heritage. J.T. Scruggs tells how he got involved. He says, “Jim Allen, who first had the idea, asked me if I would help him with the museum. Obviously, since it was Earl, I said I would.”